I have long thought that one must have a lot of knowledge on the subject and be a little "witchy" to use the magic of these plants. But in fact, nature offers us, without asking too many questions, access to tools to help us get through this crazy adventure that is the human experience.

Now that Palo & La Sage are available in the store I thought it might be a good idea if we demystified it all together.

Let's go!

Palo Santo and Sage are two types of aromatic plants that are often used for spiritual, cleansing, and well-being purposes in different cultures around the world. However, they have rather distinct origins and properties.

Here are the main differences between palo santo and sage:

Palo Santo, also known as sacred wood, is native to South America, primarily in areas such as Peru and Ecuador. It is extracted from the Bursera graveolens tree. Sage, on the other hand, exists in several varieties throughout the world, but white sage (Salvia apiana) is the one most commonly used. It is native to North America, primarily the southwestern regions of the United States and northern Mexico.



Palo Santo is mainly used as a sacred incense during ceremonies or spiritual practices to purify, ward off bad energies and promote meditation. Its scent is sweet, woody and soothing. It has become very popular around the world for its soothing properties and pleasant scent. Personally, it's my favorite smell in the world.

My all time favorite, if you ask me.



White sage is also burned to purify the air, eliminate negative energies but also widely used in purification practices, whether to eliminate negative energies from a space, from objects or even from oneself. White sage has a distinctive, herbaceous scent. When burned, it gives off a strong, earthy aromatic smoke.


In summary, although palo santo and sage share similarities in their use, they differ in their origin, appearance, scent, and associated cultural traditions. Each has its own unique properties and uses, depending on the needs and beliefs of those who use them. For a slightly more contemporary use, we suggest using the Palo Santo for meditation, well-being or relaxation purposes. While sage is very good for purification purposes.

Do you prefer sage or palo santo?

October 24, 2023 — Sabrina Lampron

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