LATTE BLEND - Salted Caramel


There's a new mix in town. It's salty, it's rich, it's a classic with a twist. Perfectly pairing each savory sip with mesquite and dates, Mother Nature's natural sweeteners, this blend is everything your sweet, sensual dreams are made of. With maca and schisandra superfoods, take a sip and enjoy all the pleasures of life ;)

And for those who can't give up coffee just yet, this one has your name all over it. Mix with a shot of espresso for an extra pep in your step. (30 slats)

Ingredients: Mesquite powder*, date powder*, dandelion root powder*, oat milk powder*, Himalayan pink salt, natural flavor*, maca powder*, carob powder*, carob powder* Schisandra berries*. *ORGANIC